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    Ventilation equipment WOLF

           Plant WOLF is the expert in the field of energy-efficient systems, united by the main directions of climate equipment into a single entity, namely, central air conditioning, ventilation systems, boilers, solar heating equipment and systems cogeneration units, successfully complementing each other and allowing to carry out a comprehensive approach to creating a climate on the basis of modern technologies. The company "TEKO Ukraine" offers on the market of Ukraine ventilation equipment WOLF.
           Wolf offers customized solutions that implement the execution of all tasks - heating systems Wolf, Wolf ventilation systems, central air conditioners for different types of rooms: apartments, private houses, schools, municipal and industrial buildings.
           For the past 48 years, Wolf is your partner in the field of energy-saving systems. The modular concept of individual products ensures the efficiency of all systems in general.
      Wolf System solutions allow to save on operating costs and achieve maximum energy efficiency, as the Wolf not only adheres to the standards, but exceeds them.
           History of the company

      •     1963 - Wolf GmbH Company foundation. The staff of 80 employees. Production of facilities for drying hops in mainburg - "heart of the Hallertau."
      •     1970 - Wolf entered the Preussag AG group (formerly: Salzgitter AG).
      •     1973 - Wolf starts the production of the first climate control systems for hotels, hospitals, airports, opera houses, industrial premises.
      •     1975 - The production program includes a Wolf ventilation engineering.
      •     1981 - Wolf starts the production of heating equipment.
      •     1989 - Salzgitter Preussag.Wolf included in the group becomes part of the Preussag AG.
      •     1997 - The beginning of the use of condensing technology.
      •     1999 - WOLF GmbH belongs to the Preussag AG.
      •     2003 - Wolf positioning in the market as a supplier of equipment for system solutions.
      •     2006 - Wolf joined the group Centrotec Sustainable AG, Brilon.
      •     2007 - Production of CWL ventilation systems.
      •     2008 - Manufacture of central air conditioners KGTop in hygienic design. Joining the group of Wolf producer of cogeneration plants Kuntschar + Schlüter, Wolfhagen.
      •     2009 - Production of energy-saving systems CSZ, CGL ventilation systems for large buildings, bivalent water heaters SEM-2-300.
      •     2010 - Production of CKL ventilation systems.
      •     2011 - The production of flat CFL ventilation systems.


      Ventilation equipment WOLF Ukraine - the equipment for high quality ventilation systems

      •   High quality standards are the foundation of our business, helping us to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Proof of this is the fact that Wolf was the first among the manufacturers of ventilation and heating equipment, has received ISO 9001 certification.
      •   The heating and ventilation equipment Wolf traditionally occupies the top lines of the independent German institute of comparative tests ratings Stiftung Warentest (included in the ICRT International Consumer Association) and is the highest level of safety for the environment and has an eco-label "Blue Angel".
      •   Being a reliable manufacturer - our main goal. Working on every order, we do not just aim to achieve 100% results, but also to surpass it! That is why our product has a number of awards, including technological developments.
      •   Top quality products, experienced qualified staff and professional after-sales service are the key to the successful development of our company for the benefit of consumers.

           Official supplier WOLF ventilation equipment in Ukraine

           The company "TEKO Ukraine" is the official certified supplier of ventilation equipment Wolff (Germany). All products are certified in Ukraine and buying equipment you will receive Wolf kachestennuyu technique with a complete package of guarantees.

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