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Каталог оборудования:

Wall type FTXZ-N+RXZ-N

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      Cooling - heating: 2,5 - 5,0 kW

    Wall type FTXZ-N + RXZ-N
    Complex climate control system with humidification / dehumidification, air purification and ventilation; It has the highest efficiency in the heating and cooling modes

    • SEER + SCOP = A +++ for the whole range
    •  There is no need to clean the filters with automatic filter cleaning function
    • The unique combination of humidification functions, dehumidification, ventilation, air cleaning, heating and cooling in one system
    • 3-zone motion detection - This feature allows you to direct the air flow in the area, where at the moment there are no people. Determination movement is made in three directions: left, forward and right. If no people are detected, the unit automatically switches to power-saving mode
    • Award Reddot Design Award 2013
    • Online controller (optional): You can control the indoor unit, from anywhere, using special software via LAN or Internet
    • The first heat pump air through the air-R-32 on the European market


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