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Complex services for ventilation systems

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     Our group is engaged in project development, installation systems, servicing and repair of household, industrial and commercial ventilation systems turnkey in Kharkov and all over Ukraine.
     Also, our services include the delivery of various ventilation equipment - it's fans, heaters, automation systems, air handling units and other components of ventilation systems. The company takes full warranty on the set and put our equipment.
     We also provide services for the production of stainless and galvanized steel products: round and rectangular ducts, fittings, valves, and the desired size for different purposes.

     What is in the range of our services for the ventilation:

  •     preliminary site visits;
  •     receipt of technical specifications from the customer;
  •     Development of pre-project solutions for engineering systems with a feasibility study;
  •     drawing up an estimated budget cost on the basis of pre-project solutions;
  •     development and approval of project documentation;
  •     preparation of the project budget;
  •     required equipment;
  •     installation of ventilation systems;
  •     commissioning.

     Types of ventilation systems, on which we are able to provide services:

  •     natural ventilation;
  •     mechanical Ventilation and air extraction;
  •     decentralized ventilation;
  •     local and general exchange;
  •     aspiration;
  •     composing and monobloc;
  •     emergency ventilation system;
  •     smoke ventilation system.

      Our company has extensive experience of working with such objects:

  •     industrial buildings and structures;
  •     food industry;
  •     apartments and cottages;
  •     educational institutions;
  •     health institutions;
  •     sports facilities;
  •     swimming pools;
  •     clean rooms;
  •     compressor;
  •     retailers;
  •     theaters, assembly halls;
  •     enterprise of consumer services;
  •     catering facilities;
  •     administrative offices;
  •     drying chambers;
  •     basements;
  •     car dealerships, car washes and service stations;
  •     high-rise residential buildings;
  •     paint shop, etc.


     The correct selection of the ventilation system scheme of a building (rooms or groups of rooms) to create air quality that meets the technological requirements, sanitary and fire regulations, the personal wishes of the customer depends on the functional purpose of the building, its number of floors, the geometric characteristics of the premises and under these process and pollutant species released (heat, moisture, gases, aerosols, dust, etc.).

     "TEKO Ukraina" company (TEKO Ukraine ltd) will help you to perform the most efficient and energy-efficient ventilation system from natural ventilation to mechanical ventilation with localization released hazards using local suction, the apartment ventilation systems, private houses to public ventilation systems buildings and industrial plants.

     Our experts will perform for you the technical and economic assessment of the appropriateness of the use of a ventilation system as a whole, or the use of different types of ventilation equipment in particular. Select for each particular system of ventilation the most effective solutions for energy saving. After that the company "TEKO Ukraine" in the most shortest terms will make the supply of ventilation equipment and materials, as well as the adjustment of our ventilation equipment.



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