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Ventilation grilles

    Ventilation grilles, air diffusers in Kharkov and Ukraine from the Turkish manufacturer of ventilation equipment "Imeksan". Buy air vents in Kharkov (Kharkiv vent grilles) you can "TEKO Ukraine" company.

    Production of ventilation grilles in Ukraine from components of the Turkish producer.

    The ventilation grilles should not only fit into your interior, but also qualitatively perform its core functions. Air distributors must submit to the calculated air zone (you need to find the right vent diffuser), you must choose the right exhaust grille that would not be heard outside the movement. Production of ventilation grilles and diffusers in Ukraine makes it possible in the shortest time to put on the object you right Ventilation equipment.

    Production of ventilation grilles.

    The company IMEKSAN was established in 1979, and in January 1995, registered as a joint stock company. Since its establishment until today IMEKSAN produces equipment for air conditioning and ventilation systems. The production program of the company has supply and exhaust elements: grille, air diffusers, diffusers, external grille, louver valves: the elements of the control and regulation of the flow: round and rectangular air valves, air valves and "Iris." The company, which started in 1996 the production of ventilation and air conditioning plants, every day is expanding set of products. Over the past two years the company has expanded on its own range of products by adding new items such as the ideal comfort diffusers, diffusers with adjustable blades, floor diffusers, terminal units, the plate heat recovery elements. heat recovery air-conditioning plant, air-conditioning stations without TEPLOMA. Currently, production is carried out in two different indoors:. Production department grilles and diffusers, an area of 4,000 m 'and the production department, air-conditioning plants, an area of 4000 m Imeksan has a certificate of compliance with ISO-9001, all products are TSEK certificate of conformity.


    Selecting the diffuser

    Of course, in choosing gratings and diffusers - the location of the element (e.g., side wall, ceiling, floor, etc.), the distance element the distance to the inflow important topics. However, these features are described in the pages of each active.


    In choosing a diffuser into play three important factors. These factors are:

    • airflow
    • the sound level allowed in the room
    • distance inflow

     The above three features together determine the choice of the terminal unit.


    Request a custom ventilation grilles, you can call the company LLC "TEKO Ukraine", our specialists will help you find the right size for your options.

    Firstly, you need to determine the inflow distance. You need to know the final velocity to determine this distance. Despite the fact that most of tables drawn up by the final speed of 0-25 m / s are corrective factors other end velocities.

    The wall bars for distance inflow is taken away from the grid to the opposite wall or half the distance between the oppositely placed ventilation grilles.

    If your choice has fallen on a round or square ceiling diffuser, the distance between the side wall and half the distance between two diffusers determine the ejection distance.

    If the mounting height (or ceiling) of the terminal unit over 3 meters ejection distance is determined by adding the horizontal and vertical ejection ejection. Vertical ejection distance is determined by the height of the living space.

    The living area is defined by 1.80 m from the floor and 0.15 m from the wall

    Making a choice on the flow and inflow distance necessary to monitor the sound levels of terminal units. If due to the air outlet speed, there is the noise level higher than desired, you will need to change the type or number of the terminal unit.

    Request a custom ventilation grilles, you can call the company LLC "TEKO Ukraine", our specialists will help you find the right size for your options.


      Ventilation grilles Ukraine



    Painted ventilation grilles in Ukraine and Kharkov RAL catalog

    Choosing the ventilation grille must take into account the architectural features of buildings and premises. If some parts of the room air will not flow, the stagnation of air can be created. In the design of the ventilation system must take into account the architectural features of the building and premises in general.

    The main requirements when selecting ventilation grilles:

    - The technical characteristics of the ventilation system;

    - As a result of processes that occur in a building can stand the heat and moisture;

    - Square and the architecture of the room;

    - Hygiene regulations.

    Ventilation grilles (vent grilles) are:

    - External air vents - are located outside, protect the ventilation system from dirt rodents, mostly made of aluminum;

    - Internal - located inside a building, perform a decorative function and air distribution function;

    - Downcomers - are installed in the partitions, doors and walls, and their function is to exchange of air between rooms.

    Also, the lattice made to qualify in their structure:

    - Adjustable ventilation grilles are able to adjust the size of the cross section through which air flows correspondingly affect the speed of air movement;

    - Non-adjustable air vents - do not have the above options;

    -inertsionnye have the ability to automatically shut down when the air supply termination.

    Ventilation grilles are made:

    - Steel;

    - Plastic;

    - Aluminum air vents;

    - tree.

    Our company will help you with the choice of ventilation grilles. We provide only high quality products and guarantee that the lattice purchased on our site, will serve you for many years and will not require special care and maintenance.


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