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Series Neola New

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       Cooling - heating: 2,06-7,05 kW

    AHB Neola NEW

    The updated model of standard class series Neola NEW. Through innovative solutions engineers, this series has become even smarter. It is a perfect choice for those who are important reliability, rather than additional options. Despite the low price, in air conditioners series Neola NEW there are functions such as: autorestart, TURBO, SLEEP (sleep mode), to memorize the blinds, I-Feel (a technology that allows to control the temperature in the place of the room where it is really needed , which drastically reduces energy consumption), and the refrigerant leak detection sensors.

    The highest class «A» Energy Efficiency

    Energy class depends on the energy consumption of the unit. As standard, the air conditioner energy efficiency class is divided into seven categories (A to G). Series conditioners Neola NEW have the highest energy efficiency class - "A", which means they are highly economical and ecological.
    Performance EER = 3,25 and a COP = 3,65, are among the highest in this class of air conditioners from the competition.

    Refrigerant R410A

    Refrigerant R410A has zero ozone depletion potential. All new AHB Series models operate on this refrigerant.

    Air filtration system

    The air conditioner is integrated wave filter rough air purification, which allows even detain the smallest particles of dust. For those who need additional treatment, provided space for the optional filters (Silver Ion, Catehin, Vitamin C, etc.).


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