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Roof radial fan with side flow exit КРОС

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    • Destination roof radial fan with side flow exit КРОС

    The fan is mounted on the roofs of residential, public and industrial buildings and installations used in stationary exhaust ventilation systems.
    Fans sizes: 3,55; 4; 4.5; 5; 5.6; 6.3; 7.1; 8; 9; 10; 11.2 fabricated with a square cross-section of the housing.
    Fans sizes: 12.5; 14 are made of hexagonal cross-section of the body.
    Produce fans following sizes
    - General (Н)
    - Heat resistant (Ж)
    - Corrosion (K1)
    - Corrosion, heat-resistant (K1Ж)
    - Explosion-proof (B)
    - Explosion-proof corrosion-resistant (BK1)

    • Design of roof radial fan with side flow exit КРОС

    CROS fans have an impeller with backward curved blades, toroidal inlet with large diameter input. Use two versions of impellers with six (КРОС6) and nine (КРОС9) blades. Fans create a big expense, have a minimum dynamic pressure, consume with increasing power consumption that does not overburden the engine. The impeller is arranged directly on the motor shaft. The fans are equipped with standard single-speed motors or engines, allowing to carry out the frequency speed control.
    Fans of large sizes starting with the number 7.1 is made on antivibration mountings.
    Mounting dimensions on the base plate are unified with roof fan КРОВ and КРОМ that allows easy installation of fans on the roof with a mounting cup of the art.
    It is proposed to fans grade glass mounting СТАМ, tray, the soft starter and wardrobe SHSAU automation.

    • Operation of roof radial fan with side flow exit КРОС

    The fans can be operated in a temperate (У), temperate and cold (УХЛ) and tropical (T) climate of the 1st category of accommodation to GOST 15150.

    Terms of Use:
    ambient temperature
    - From -45 to + 40 ° C for moderate climates,
    - From -60 to + 40 ° C for temperate and cold climates,
    - From -10 to + 50 ° C for tropical climates;
    The average value of vibration of external sources of vibration in the fan installation locations no more than 2 mm/s.

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