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KOL gravity check valve

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    KOL gravity check valve

    return valve gravitational action daisy type - Flap valve. Valve KOL for preventing overflow of air and non-explosive air mixtures, aggression in relation to aluminum and aluminum alloys not above aggression of air with a temperature of 60 ° C, not containing sticky substances and fibrous materials, dust and other particulate matter in an amount not more than 100 mg / m 3, through the branches to the fans off (disconnected from the fan) when connecting the past to the collectors.

    • Execution

    General-Purpose (N)

    • Specifications


    reverse (flap)


     to 1500 Pa


    - on the vertical sections at least 3 m/s
    - on the horizontal sections at least 4 m/s


    0 (no requirement)

     dimensional orientation:

    not depend


                      Ylocation category  2 3


    no requirement

    • Size range

    Check valves KOL only rectangular section can be produced.
    The height of this valve varies in the range from 100 to 1940 mm in steps of 80 mm. The width of this valve varies from 150 mm to 3000 mm. The valve can be manufactured in any other combination of height and width, including in sectional construction. The maximum height of the valves in a single piece of design - 1940 mm, width - 3000 mm.

    • Design

    The design of the reverse (flap) KOL valve body assumes a rectangular cross section, made of aluminum, in which the sliding bearings on the axles are fixed blades, also made of aluminum profile. Availability of bearings ensures free opening of the valve in the subzero temperatures outside air during the periodic operation of the fans. Under the influence of the air flow when the fan blades are kept in the open position.
    Also KOL valve is used to prevent the entry of outside air and precipitation in the room after turning off the fan. Air velocity through the valve cross section should not exceed 12 m / sec. After switching off the fan blades will automatically return to its original position and closes the valve section.
    Check valve (flap) KOL can be used both as a louvered grilles inertial and instead flap KL-type valves or TUL.

    • Overall and mounting dimensions

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