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    Industrial fans

           Industrial fans.
      Industrial fan - a mechanism that is designed to move the air and gas mixture.
          The term "industrial fan" is not clearly defined, but can be applied to ventilation equipment, satisfying the needs of industrial enterprises. A distinguishing feature of such fans may be, for example, using a more powerful engine, large shafts, bearings with extended life, higher temperature characteristics, the performance of corrosion-resistant materials, etc.
      industrial fan selection is done by such indicators as performance and total pressure. Also quite important criteria when choosing a fan will be noise characteristics and dimensions.
           Classification of industrial fans can be classified according to the physical and technical properties serving environment, moved the fan:
           - fans of an ordinary performance (moving the gas mixture with a relatively low level of aggressiveness towards the fan material);
           - explosion-proof fans (used to move the explosive gas-air mixtures)
           - corrosion-proof fans (used to move the aggressive air mixtures);
           - dust fans (move air containing dust particles).
           The design of industrial fans are divided into:
           - centrifugal fans (or radial fans);
           - axial industrial fans;
           - industrial roof fans;
           - duct fans.
           Centrifugal industrial fans are a part of the impeller blades, housing with inlet and outlet pipes and the base frame. Wheel is located within the housing and is attached to the shaft. The fan shaft is connected to a pulley motor using V-belt transmission.
           When the impeller is rotated air is sucked into the inlet, is compressed (in this case the air pressure is increased) and is discharged through the outlet.
           The main purpose is to exhaust ventilation and smoke extraction. Fan efficiency in such higher compared with other types.
           Depending on total air pressure passing through the fan, the fans can be distinguished: high, medium and low pressure.
      Ducted fan - consists of a body housed therein and an impeller with blades curved backwards. Such a fan is compact, small size and easy to configure with the installation process, which is its main advantage.
           Duct fans are mounted in the ducts of circular or rectangular cross-section.
           A disadvantage of duct fans is tolerable limit temperature of the medium, the concentration of solids in the mixture and transferred exception sticky particles or fibrous contaminants in the air.
      Axial fan - a fan, consisting of impeller and blades attached to it, as well as a cylindrical casing. The blades are attached to the wheel at the desired angle to the plane of rotation.
           Axial fans are of small dimensions, easy to install and operate, and their production requires a small amount of metal. However, such fans are quite noisy when operating with great speed.
           They are used to extract air mixture in different rooms, but it does not create a high pressure, so the range of use is very limited.
      Roof fans can move air-gas mixture and having small chemical aggressiveness and temperature to 60 ° C, as well as dust and solid impurities, sticky particles and fibrous materials.
           These fans can be classified by the method of the drive:
           - when the impeller located on the motor shaft;
           - applying a belt transmission between the motor and the impeller.
           Roof fans are general-purpose (made of steel ordinary type) and explosion proof (made of metal heterogeneous composition and allow transfer of explosive mixtures).
           Roof industrial fans differ from conventional industrial fans, free-blowing air flow. Roof fan mounted on the roof of a building, on a frame which is made specifically for this fan, a platform that raises the level of the fan on the roof to protect it from the snow.
           Depending on the type of production, volumes of ventilated spaces and their appointments can choose different types of fans within a single enterprise, as well as various concepts of ventilation systems.
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