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    Household ventilation

           Ventilators MAICO (Germany) - a reliable fans, slaboshumnye fans with high air output.

           MAICO factory was founded by Christian Mayer in 1928. Headquartered in the city of Villingen-Schwenningen. Since the company was founded, and to this day, the main criteria are the manufacturer of high quality, excellent
      design and introduction of innovative technologies into production. For more than 75 years of existence of the enterprise to its guidelines have always been and will be the changing demands of the market and its internationalization. The main focus of the company MAICO is the development, manufacture and sale of fans and components for residential ventilation systems for housing and industry.

           The lineup of domestic fans and ventilation equipment household MAICO has up to two thousand names. If you need to buy a home or household fan ventilation system of high quality, the products MAIKO plant (Germany) is exactly what you need. All German MAICO fans ensure high quality and reliability are guaranteed for 2 years of operation. Maiko fans have numerous design awards and this suggests that the perfect combination of form and function in these products.

           Ventilation equipment MAICO in Ukraine - it is the ideal solution for elite apartments and cottages, which will not only fulfill their intended purpose, operating on the right (valid) but perfectly fit into the interior of any room.


      Ventilation of the apartment. Ventilation of the home.

           Modern man is not less than a third of his life spent at home, and how comfortable housing, depends for its health and performance. Of all the parameters defining comfort in the first place, of course, the ambient temperature. In the second place, most people put the quality of the air we breathe. Until recently, the complaints almost no ventilation, but in recent years they have become commonplace, and even the subject of proceedings of lawsuits. Worsened home ventilation after the beginning of mass use of modern compact windows, adds to the problems the use of industrial ventilation units for buildings over 20 floors, although in 50-60 years of the last century they were developed for the 9-storey houses.

           Poor ventilation can be in two cases:

           1. Excessive ventilation with uncontrolled infiltration results in the winter to heat entrainment and the associated decrease in temperature in the living spaces (the first condition of comfort, a sense of blowing windows from drafts).

           2. Insufficient ventilation when it is not regulated by health regulations provided ventilation either insufficient amount of fresh air entering the room, or not to remove impurities, steamy and gassing the air from kitchens and bathrooms, and often both at the same time.

           Insufficient ventilation increases the relative humidity, promotes the establishment of pathogenic microflora in the apartment, the appearance of mold, fungi and insects, air pollution harmful microimpurities and chemical elements (products of the human body's vital functions, gassing kitchen smells of toilets, household chemicals, discharge of odors and harmful substances from modern building materials, furniture and clothing, from electrical appliances, printers, computers).

           Inadequate ventilation is harmful to the health of adults, but especially sensitive child's body reacts to it. To assess the adequacy of air turn to standards. The main provisions require the following air exchange on the basic premises:

      •   kitchen of 90 m3 / h;
      •   bathroom - 25 m3 / h;
      •   WC and combined WC
      •   50 m3 / h;

           Supply air at a rate of 1 times the air must be supplied through the windows in the common rooms, bedrooms and offices. This position coincides with the requirements of SNIP 2.04.05-91 * "Heating, ventilation and air conditioning" on the air inflow into the living room at a rate of 3 m3 / h per 1 m2 of floor space. As you can see, our regulatory requirements in terms of air are not inferior to any Russian or European. The principal difference is only one: the Russian SNIP 31.01.2003 "Building residential apartment" and the German DIN 1946.6 reduce requirements for air exchange, if the premises are not being exploited. These provisions should be recognized as a very reasonable, since their implementation leads to significant savings in heat, the cost of fresh air heating.

           Should be very important to recognize reflected in the German rules a special item, which regulates the amount of exhaust from the kitchen hood at a rate of 200 m3 / h. Our DBN V.2.2-15-2005 ignores the problems arising after installation by the consumer over the stove hood and connect it to an existing ventilation duct kitchen: general exchange kitchen ventilation is reduced by 5-10 times: when the hood fan is switched off the air necessary to overcome the resistance of the grease filter, almost completely stops air movement integrated non-return valve. Use the same umbrella fan obshcheobmennoj kitchen ventilation prevents a sufficiently high level of noise that occurs during its operation. The above ratios are repeated in one form or another, the demand supply 30 m3 / h of fresh air for 1 person deemed sanitary norm (with standard 10 m2 bedrooms 1 and 3 m3 / h fresh air per 1 m2 of floor area get the same figure). However, modern, mostly foreign, studies show that even when the rate of flow of 36 m3 / h of air per person, people give a negative assessment of air quality.

           This is due primarily to the increase in outdoor urban air pollution, lack of catalysts on most cars. Hygiene Specialists recommend taking a fresh air rate of one person in the living rooms of about 60 m3 / h. Taking into account the undesirable increase of heat flow for ventilation of residential houses norm amount of outside air supplied into the living room, in the near future will not increase more than 40 m3 / hour per person.

           LLC "TEKO Ukraine" will help you choose the right ventilation system, install and carry out adjustment of ventilation systems in apartment and house.




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