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Household humidifier ComfortSteam CS

    Technical characteristics ComfortSteam CS

    Electrode humidifiers Comfort Steam CS in Ukraine - it is a quality budget solution for a variety of objects. Main areas of application: private houses and cottages, industry, medicine, office buildings, civil buildings, IT technologies, Turkish baths.

    Comfort Steam CS3-M, CS6-M, CS6, CS12, CS24
    Using steam electrode humidifiers is the best and at the same time flexible solution to many applications. Integrated control system makes it easy to configure and optimize the operation of the humidifier, while ensuring a stable and long-term operation of the equipment. Easily removable stainless steel clamps of steam cylinder and quick release electrical connectors - making service of the equipment quick and convenient. A wide range of humidifiers and accessories provide optimum packaging for the various objects.


    •     The rooftop unit UMFAN
    •     stainless steel tube UMILAN
    •     tube 400LAN
    •     Steam nozzle 400LANSAUNA
    •     Steam hose UMITUBVAP


    •     heating elements: stainless steel electrodes
    •     single-phase power systems with capacity up to 6 kg / hour
    •     three-phase power systems with capacity up to 96 kg / h
    •     connect with each other (up to 6 pieces) humidifiers on the principle of «Master / Slave» total capacity of up to 288 kg / h
    •     case material: stainless steel and ABS plastic
    •     replacement steam cylinder
    •     a solenoid valve for supplying water
    •     powerful and reliable sump pump
    •     steam cylinder for use with water of low conductivity (optional)
    •     fan unit (for direct humidification versions)
    •     integrated control system
    •     the ability to install additional safety sensor (waterlogged protection duct)
    •     diagnostics of failures and service
    •     a standard series
    •     Built-in intelligent control system maximizes energy efficiency.

    Stainless steel housing
    Elements of ComfortSteam humidifiers are made of stainless steel and high-impact ABS plastic, which guarantees their long-term and reliable operation of the equipment even in the harshest conditions. Construction equipment is self-contained and requires no installation of additional accessories. Easily removable front panel provides quick access to the internal components of the equipment, which is an important factor in the periodic maintenance humidifiers.

    Replacement steam cylinder
    Heating elements inside the steam cylinder is made of stainless steel. In the case of service the steam cylinder can be easily replaced. Replacing the cylinder does not require any additional special tools and takes just minutes. The special design of the electrodes and allows the cylinder to heat the water quickly with minimal heat loss.

    Control system
    Features of the control system - a versatility and ease of adjustment. Automatic humidifier ComfortSteam accurately adjust all the necessary parameters to maintain humidity. Flexible adjustment of algorithms ensures stable operation even under the specific conditions put forward by the customer.
        eight algorithms (on / off, step control via humidistat, smooth capacity control 0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA, controlled by an external controller, the system "Smart Home")

    •     coordinated work with other ventilation equipment
    •     Optimized for use in steam baths
    •     Adjustable output level
    •     smooth control performance of 20% to 100% power
    •     automatic limitation of the steam in the event of unforeseen circumstances
    •     counter hours of operation
    •     overfill the steam cylinder protection
    •     Automatic emptying of the cylinder at idle
    •     Connect up to 6 humidifiers in the MASTER / SLAVE scheme
    •     identification of accidents and maintenance
    •     RS485 bus to connect to the "smart house" system
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