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    Equipment GALETTI in Ukrain

      History GALLETTI production.

      Galletti has a long history. The roots that can be traced back to c 1906 to the present day, the company has passed from father to son for three generations. The long history of making Galletti are not only experienced and reliable manufacturer, but also the ability to innovate, which are the main turning points in the present and future in the industry.

      Intuition. 1906 marked the beginning of Galletti. The founder was Ugo Galletti, who, guided by intuition, opened a small artisan workshop specializing in products made of iron and repair agricultural implements and tractors in Castel Maggiore, on the outskirts of Bologna.

      Opening. In 1920, Italy was ready to re-open after the dark years of the First World War. During this period, Galletti ventured into the refrigeration sector by opening a line for the manufacture of molds for ice.

      Breakthrough. 1930s: Galletti has become a full-fledged business. The company has expanded, and eventually occupied the production area of 5000 sq.m. and about a hundred people were employed.

      Prestige. 1945 e have seen the end of the Second World War. Everything was destroyed, but there was a great desire to start all over again. After the bombing of 50% GALLETTI plant were destroyed Fiorenzo and Luigi Galletti felt a strong desire all vosstanovit.1950 th brought the first investment and the first important contracts. The first customers GALLETTI steel manufacturers: Ferrari (car), Lamborghini (tractors), Carraro, Ducati and Italian state railways. Between the end of the 1950s and early 1960s Galletti specialized services to large European producers.

      Innovation. 1960 "fabulous" summer boom. Galletti ventured into the district heating sector for the first time, is no longer under contract with other companies, and launching its own brand. Plate radiators Jolly and Condor and convection heaters were an instant success.

      A turning point. Years of change for Galletti. 1970 marked a "turning point", as the company has made entry into the air conditioning.

      1980. Galletti entered into a partnership with a Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning and provided an internal split in the market of air-conditioning to become the exclusive distributor in Italy. In 1982, the company moved in 9000 sq.m. in Bentivoglio, to create space for new entrepreneurial ventures.

      New durable Group.1990's, the era of technology. In 1996, after the opening of the plant dedicated to the production of finned heat exchanger unit heaters Galletti, appeared Galletti Group. This has strengthened the forces and has changed its position, becoming one of the leading players in the Italian market of hydraulic devices and industrial chillers of air conditioning systems.

      GALLETTI Group. This personality. Galletti is that of the group based in Bentivoglio, which has a global impact on the air-conditioning market, from production to maintain leadership in the air conditioning industry finned heat exchanger units and up to precision cooling systems, manufacturing process, with HiRef and Tecnorefrigeration companies based in Tribano. Expansion of production, diversification and technological research are combined in commercial strategy to make Galletti development leader.


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