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Fan heater Wolf LH

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    Hull construction fan heater WOLF LH

    The design of a profile frame of welded galvanized steel corner profiles. Cladding of galvanized steel sheets. The back wall is made from deeply strained inlet nozzle. The outlet shutters with adjustable plates for guiding air.

    Fan/motor WOLF LH

    Axial fan wheel and blades made of aluminum, hub made of steel and the protective grid.
    Silent motor, maintenance-free, directly driven impeller.
    Max, the ambient temperature: up + -20'C to 40'C.

    Three-phase motor 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, connection wye: low speed of rotation, the connection on the delta: high speed. Electrical protection class IP 54, insulation class F, bearings with special grease for temperatures ranging from -25 to + 140'S, suitable for any installation position, are maintenance-free. motor winding protection provided by integral thermal contacts, which in case of overheating of the motor control circuit is interrupted in step switch or control device, thereby turning off the motor. By reducing the temperature of the coil drive is switched on again automatically. winding protection is only valid in combination with a step switch or control device.

    Heat exchanger fan heater WOLF LH

    Cu/AI heat exchanger. Five types of heat exchangers in accordance with the type of the heater, the hot water supplied PWW type pumps for hot water supplied by pumps or steam PHW D. Heat exchanger made of copper / aluminum, steel collectors, can be extracted from the side. Frame of galvanized steel sheet. Inch pipe to connect the pump with warm and hot water PWW and PWH. The flange and the mating flange to steam. Side connection - in the direction of air flow only from the left.

    Induction blinds for Wolf LH heater to optimize the distribution of the jet and the ejection range

    Induction blinds divide the stream of warm air coming out of the heater, into separate streams and is sucked into the slipstream airflow plates air out of the room directly in the middle of a warm air stream. Due to the fence of the secondary air in a very short segment of an intensive mixing of the warm air from the room air and thereby achieving reduction of the jet of warm air temperature. This reduces the pressure drop in the temperature of warm air stream and as a result it increases the range of the ejection, particularly at elevated temperatures, the output of the warm air stream. Induction blinds heater LH (and, consequently, the direction of the warm air stream) can be adjusted manually or automatically, adapting them to the different operating conditions and specific characteristics of the room. Possible to avoid high temperatures in the ceiling area and therefore heat loss to ventilation and transmission, as well as energy savings achieved by about 15%.

    General guidelines for the use of a fan heater Wolf LH

    Required volumetric air flow rate (m3/h) must be at least 2.5 times range and better than 3-4 times the volume of the room. The outgoing air stream must not be directly aimed at people in the room. The distance between the fan heaters should be 10-15 m. When mounting the device on the wall of the distance to the floor must be at least 2.5 m and no more than 4 m, given the range of air emissions. If the distance between the device and the opposite wall is small, it is recommended to use a wide air outlet. When mounted on the ceiling grid with conventional apparatus have an insufficient range of air discharge, it is recommended to use a cone or, respectively, the induction shutters. In low areas with the distance between the lower edge of the grille for air outlet and the floor less than 2.5 m, it is recommended to use the four-way air valve.

    Mounting the heater WOLF LH

    Heaters company "Wolf" should be positioned so that they discharge air was not sent directly to the occupants of people or equipment. For uniform temperature distribution in the room instead of one large advisable to install multiple device small devices. At the same time they should be placed as far as possible so that these devices are not blown each other and interact in the process of circulation vozduha.V any case, should be to ensure unhindered circulation of air intake.

    Range of air emission heaters. Wolf company shall correspond to the volume of the room. The values given in the capacity indicators table are approximate. These figures can be brought into line with the size of the premises through the use of such accessories, such as a cone, a wide air outlet, and four-issue. heaters "Wolf" operate with a very low noise level.

    When using the heaters mounted on the ceiling to store heat can cause damage to a stationary engine from overheating. Therefore, the temperature limit is required enter here on a cart to the following values:

    • 115 'C by inserting the filter unit
    • 140 'C if items are missing,

    With a simple fan all control valves and shut-off valves should close automatically.

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