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The transfer door ventilation grille EMK-U

      Price from 210 UAH.
      Any size up to mm
      Any color on the  RAL catalogue
      Production from 5 to 10 days


    •  The use of ventilation grilles EMK-U

    Ventilation EMK-U grating used in ventilation systems. Used ventilation air as the moving grate. The blades and the stationary angles are fixed, adjustment can not be. To ensure the free passage of air from the inside out and outside-in systems with a positive or negative pressure can be mounted on the door or the wall.

    Manufacturing door grilles EMK-U

    •  Ordering Information

    You can order the air vents as the standard size (a multiple of 50 mm), and non-standard size. possible to produce ventilation grilles EMK-U.

    •   Operating conditions

    Production of ventilation grilles made of aluminum profiles and painted with powder paint that allows their use under adverse conditions. Ventreshetki resistant to precipitation, solar radiation and over time do not lose their luster.

    • Important!

    When ordering you must specify the aperture grille for installation. The actual sizes of a lattice is less than 10 mm. for ease of installation.

    •  Contents of delivery

    Grid Series EMK-U come with painted screws for fixing the visual masking.

    •  Grilles are painted in standard white color catalog RAL 9016. Available painting in any color according to RAL.

    Door ventilation transfer grille

    Ventilation grille - it is one of the types of air diffusers. They are necessary for efficient distribution and direction of air flow in the room.

    Door ventilation grille downcomers are used in ventilation systems for the free movement of air from one room to another. They are installed in a doorway or on the inner wall of the room.

    Door slats overflow grids are V-shaped, it prevents the penetration of light from one room to another and reduces the level of sound pressure.

    Classification: lattice door may be vertical plates and horizontal plates. The direction of the plates is not regulated.

    Material production: Door transfer grille Ventilation can be made of anodized metal (aluminum) profile. The coating is applied powder coating, which preserves the look and shine of the lattice for a long time, but also simplifies the grating clean from dirt and dust. Paint color is chosen according to RAL (standard color - white, code 9016).

    Installation: Door ventilation grille is installed in a doorway or in the inner wall of the building and sealed with a special sealing paste.
    Size is selected based on the desired air velocity at the exit of the lattice, and depending on the design thickness, which is mounted in the grille.

    You can buy grilles in Kharkov and Ukraine in the company "TEKO Ukraine"


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