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Complex services on dehumidification systems

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Our group is engaged in the design, installation, service and repair of air drying systems for various buildings turnkey - from residential apartments to large enterprises in Kharkov, and throughout Ukraine.
Also, our services include the supply of various equipment for dehumidification systems - is a household portable dehumidifiers and industrial channel units, which are integrated into the ventilation system, as well as accessories: anti-vibration mounts, drainage capacity, hygrostats, drain valves, heaters, fixtures and ducts, etc.. the company fully assumes the warranty for delivered and installed our equipment.

Services dehumidification that we carry:

  •     preliminary site visits;
  •     consideration of the terms of reference received from the customer;
  •     a feasibility study on system solutions with air dehumidification;
  •     determining an estimated cost;
  •     preparation and coordination of project documentation;
  •     preparation of the project budget;
  •     required equipment and components dehumidification system;
  •     system installation;
  •     commissioning.

Types of air drying systems, on which we are able to provide services:

  •     dehumidification type of assimilation;
  •     dehumidification of air condensing type;
  •     dehumidification adsorption type.

Construction of dehumidifiers:

  •     monobloc domestic and industrial dehumidifiers;
  •     channel dryers.

Our company has extensive experience of working with such objects:

  •     industrial buildings of various types;
  •     food industry;
  •     health institutions;
  •     Bathrooms and showers;
  •     swimming pools;
  •     clean rooms;
  •     trading rooms;
  •     laundry;
  •     drying rooms;
  •     catering facilities (canteens, restaurants, cafes);
  •     basements and attics of buildings;
  •     warehouses and archives.

In addition to the humidification systems to maintain the required level of humidity in the premises used by the dehumidification system. After all, the excess moisture in buildings can lead to the destruction of building structures, the formation of mold and mildew, deterioration of products, and more.

There are three main types of dehumidifiers:

  •     assimilation dehumidification system;
  •     condensing dehumidification system;
  •     adsorption dehumidification system.

The most common and widely used types of dehumidifiers are condensing dehumidifiers and adsorptive dehumidifiers.
As well as dehumidification system humidification system may be local and centralized.
Local dehumidification system is a dehumidifier installed directly in the room to be ventilated.
By using a centralized dehumidification system excess moisture in the premises is removed by ventilation systems equipped with dehumidification section condensation or adsorption type.
Technicians "TEKO Ukraine" develop the most effective and functional dehumidification system, depending on the location of the water generation sources and their intensity. And based on the economic feasibility of the use of a particular type dehumidification system in specific conditions.

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