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Decorative ventilation grille SKM-U

      Price from 82 UAH.
      Any size up to mm
      Any color on the  RAL catalogue
      Production from 5 to 10 days

    • The use of decorative ventilation grilles SKM-U

    Decorative ventilation grilles SKM-U are used in ventilation systems can be equipped with protective insect screen. 

    Manufacturing of decorative grilles SKM-U

    • Ordering Information

    You can order the ventilation grilles as the standard size (a multiple of 50 mm), and non-standard size.

    • Operating conditions

    Production of ventilation grilles made of aluminum profiles and painted with powder paint that allows their use under adverse conditions. Ventreshetki resistant to precipitation, solar radiation and over time do not lose their luster.

    •  Important!

    When ordering you must specify the aperture grille for installation. The actual sizes of a lattice is less than 10 mm. for ease of installation.

    • Contents of delivery

    Series Grilles SKM-U come with painted screws for fixing the visual masking.

    • Grilles are painted in standard white color catalog RAL 9016. Available painting in any color according to RAL. 

    Decorative ventilation grille

    Ventilation of the room in which there are people who are very important for their health and well-being. In our time, the ventilation system must not only provide ventilation in the premises, but also to be as hidden from the eyes, and visible parts should look aesthetically pleasing. These details are ventilation grilles.

    Ventilation grill - air swing device is required for controlling the air flow direction and in the room. Ventilation grilles are installed in walls, floors or suspended ceilings. Depending on the purpose of premises, for the appearance of gratings may have different requirements. Whether it's a disguise, simply aesthetic appearance or performance of the lattice in a particular artistic style corresponding to the interior space.

    Grilles can be made of different materials: stainless steel, plastic, ferrous metals, brass, copper, etc. On request, the array may be of individual performance, of any shape and with any pattern.

    Grille may have different coverage options: whether it is a special paint or chrome, silver, gilding. Color paint coating selected for the RAL or special colors are used ( "metallic", "tree", "bronze", and others).

    Before painting the grille held its preparation - sand blasting and priming, which facilitates the application of paint and allow it to stay on the product for a long time. Top grating coated layer of lacquer to impart gloss, additional protection against adverse conditions, and also to facilitate cleaning of the grating surface from dust and dirt.

    Installation. Decorative ventilation grilles can be mounted to the wall with screws. To mask using special mounting laths. The second variant of the lattice assembly - fixing to the duct using an adapter. Depending on the occasion there are other ways of securing the individual gratings.

    You can buy decorative grille in Kharkov and Ukraine in the company "TEKO Ukraine"


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