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Cooling units Galletti

    GALLETTI is completely updated range of chiller air/water and heat pumps, designed to improve energy efficiency. The choice of refrigerant R410-A, which provides a better performance compared with coolants used in the past, is aimed at protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption. For this reason, Galletti chiller and heat pumps use advanced components to fully utilize the favorable characteristics of the R410-A.
    Highly efficient heat exchangers are designed and built in partnership with a group of companies Galetti, a leader in the production of finned heat exchanger units: the use of copper pipes of smaller diameter has reduced the amount of refrigerant used in parts and at the same time improve the thermodynamic efficiency and noise reduction. It consists of a welded stainless steel plates, specially designed for the R410-A, improved the heat transfer efficiency up to 30%.
    Scroll compressors are synonymous with reliability, efficiency and low noise. Oversize plate and fin heat exchanger allowed the development of technologies that deliver high efficiency both in summer and in winter.
    To modulate the power and improve efficiency at part load conditions, Galletti model offers several compressors mounted on each cooling loop 30 to 920 kW! Increasing the number of power control steps enables the device to adapt its capacity to the real needs of the system, with a particular increase in efficiency at part load. The values that define the ability to:

    • ESEER (European seasonal energy ratio)
    • SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance)
    • PLUG & PLAY

    Chillers are designed for indoor installation, with centrifugal fan, directly coupled to an electric motor, equipped with condensation control function that automatically changes the air flow according to the outside temperature and the pressure drop in the intake / exhaust ducts.
    Many sizes of heat transfer surfaces and suitable technical solutions have allowed to increase the operating range of the air temperature in the heating and cooling modes, from -15 ° C to + 51 ° C
    During operation of the heat pump, particularly exclusive SMART DEFROST SYSTEM system can correctly identify the deterioration in performance of the heat exchanger due to the formation of ice and to minimize the time rozmorozki process with respect to normal operation.
    Chillers Galletti Ukraine, optimized for heating provided with a desuperheating refrigerant circuit on the basis of finned heat exchanger unit, which, together with self-limiting heating cable in the interior of the finned heat exchanger surface, drastically reduces the formation of ice at very low temperature and high humidity.
    All Chillers air / water included in the Galletti catalog - by reading the outdoor temperature and specific intelligence modules - can install automatically adjusted depending on the outdoor temperature in order to reduce consumption and extend the operating range. The device can also operate in low water systems, even without the use of a buffer tank of water, thanks to the automatic adjustment which limits the number of compressor starts and thus extends the life of the compressors themselves. The electronic expansion valve provides significant energy savings (up to 50%) in the production of chilled water in the transition and the cold season.

    Chillers Galletti

    The unit - a special machine, relating to the refrigerating equipment, which is used for the cooling medium to the desired temperature. It can also be used for heating, but it is equipped with a heat pump chiller. It is used in the chiller system and fan coil units, fan coil units where - is placed in rooms with fan coils.
    The unit, which uses the vapor compression cycle is composed of the compressor, motor, condenser, expansion valve (TEV) and the control unit.
    Cooling medium occurs by means of physical processes such as condensation, evaporation, compression and expansion of the refrigerant.
    Chillers can be classified as:
    - In construction (vapor compression, absorption);
    - The method for cooling the condenser (water or air);
    - By type of connection diagrams;
    - By heating capabilities.

    Types of chillers

    Absorption chillers - chillers is for which the main source of energy - it is not electricity, and waste energy (hot exhaust air or water). Secondary heat is taken from the factories, enterprises, power plants.
    Working medium for such machines is a solution of two or three components. Extensive use is made of solutions of the type of refrigerant-absorbent. The main condition - the refrigerant must dissolve well in the absorbent (absorbent). The second important condition - the higher the boiling temperature at the absorber than the refrigerant. The most common solutions to these units - a solution of aqueous ammonia (refrigerant), and water - lithium bromide (absorbents).
    The operating principle of the absorption chiller: a thermal energy generator is supplied, which causes it to boil in a working solution. Consequently, the refrigerant boils off from the solution, which is due to the lower boiling temperature than that of the absorber. Then, steam generated from the refrigerant goes to the condenser where it is cooled and the condensation with the subsequent environmental impact of heat. The resulting liquid passes expansion device (expansion valve), which leads to its expansion and cooling, and then follows the evaporator. When it evaporates absorbs heat from the environment, thus cooling it, followed by the absorber.
    Here the expansion device is supplied through the clean absorbent as previously boiled off refrigerant from it. There absorbent absorption of the refrigerant vapor. This solution was then pumped through the generator and the cycle is repeated.
    Absorption chillers have several advantages - it's efficiency, long service life, low noise, and environmental safety.

    Vapor compression chillers - chillers is working on the same principle, according to which working refrigerator or air conditioner. They consist of a compressor, condenser, throttling device and evaporator.
    The gaseous refrigerant passes through the compressor, and is compressed while heated. Then it enters a condenser where it is cooled and condensation. Thereafter, the liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion device, which leads to its expansion and strong effervescence. As a result of this process, the selection of the heat from the refrigerant coolant in contact with the evaporator (heat transfer fluid is cooled).
    Thereafter, the refrigerant is directed back to the compressor, and the cycle repeats.
    Vapor compression chillers can be classified according to criteria such as:
    - Installation type (capacitor can be either external or built-in);
    - Cooling the condenser (may be by water or ambient air);
    - The location of the hydronic design (design of the unit or outside it).

    Advantages and disadvantages of chillers


    - Unlimited size and complexity of the chiller;
    - Occupy a minimum volume and area;
    - The use of less expensive water tubes, instead of expensive copper;
    - Security, since the chiller refrigerant is set, as a rule, on the street.

    The main drawback is that the chiller, strictly speaking, not a ventilation system, because only cools (or heats) the air, not allowing air circulation in the room. To do this, the union chiller with a forced ventilation system.

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