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    Comprehensive air conditioning services

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    A group of our companies is engaged in the development of projects, installation, maintenance, as well as repair of air conditioning systems, starting from household split systems for residential or public buildings and finishing with central air conditioning systems for enterprises in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine.

    Also in our services is the supply of various equipment for air conditioning systems: air conditioning units, chillers, fan coils, automation systems, and other components of air conditioning systems, including: copper pipes for refrigerant, heat insulation, drainage equipment, brackets, fasteners, Winter kits, refrigerant, disinfectants, etc. At the same time, the company takes full responsibility for the equipment delivered and installed by us.

    We also provide services for the manufacture of products from stainless and galvanized steel: round and rectangular air ducts, shaped products, valves of the required size and for various purposes.

    Air conditioning services we carry out:

    •     Preliminary departure to the site;
    •     Consideration of the technical assignment received from the customer;
    •     Feasibility study of the solution for the air-conditioning system;
    •     Estimating estimated cost;
    •     Development and approval of project documentation;
    •     Drawing up an estimate for the project;
    •     Supply of necessary equipment and components of the air conditioning system;
    •     Installation of the system;
    •     Putting into operation.

    Types of air conditioning systems for which we can provide services:

    •     Central air-conditioning;
    •     Systems "chiller-fan coil";
    •     Precision air conditioning systems;
    •     Multizonal conditioning systems;
    •     Domestic air conditioning (split);
    •     Systems with roof air conditioners (rooftop);
    •     Systems with channel air conditioners.

    Our company has an impressive experience with such objects:

    • Industrial buildings for various purposes;
    • Food industry enterprises;
    • Apartments and cottages;
    • General educational institutions;
    • Establishments of public health services;
    • Gyms and gyms;
    • Swimming pools;
    • Clean rooms;
    • Compressor;
    • Trade halls;
    • Cinemas, assembly halls;
    • Public catering facilities (canteens, restaurants, cafes);
    • Administrative buildings;
    • Car dealerships and service stations;
    • Multi-apartment residential buildings, etc.

    Air conditioning systems are designed to create and maintain in the premises of various purposes the normalized conditions of the air environment, the artificial climatic conditions necessary for the performance of various technological processes, the optimal microclimate conditions in residential, public, administrative buildings, as well as in the permanent workplaces of manufacturing enterprises.

    Depending on the tasks performed, air conditioning is divided into:

    - Comfort air conditioning - to create and maintain optimal air conditions;

    - Technological conditioning - to maintain artificial climatic conditions in accordance with technological requirements.

    TECO Ukraine specialists will select the best air conditioning system for your task, whether it is a central air-conditioning system or a local air-conditioning system, a single-zone air-conditioning system or a multi-zone air-conditioning system, a straight-through air conditioning system or a recirculation air-conditioning system. After that, the company "TEKO Ukraine" in the shortest possible time will deliver the installed equipment and materials for air conditioning systems, as well as the adjustment of the air conditioning system.



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