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Compact air handling unit WOLF CWL-D

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    Compact air ventilation unit WOLF CWL-D

    Supply and exhaust ventilation unitWOLF is used for ventilation luxury apartments, ventilation cottage and other facilities. Ventilation system applied locally, directly located in a ventilated room, without air ducts, and must be in the open.

    Independent ventilation system with heat recovery for ventilation of dwellings.

    Benefits of supply unit CWL

    • Heat recovery by reverse flow cross-flow heat exchanger, heat recovery max. 92.2%.
    • Silent operation by fans with backward curved blades with impeller large diameter and low speed.
    • Without the occurrence of unpleasant events (eg. Draft), so that the winter is available a sufficient volume of air (balanced ventilation).
    • Carbon dioxide sensor to maintain the air quality.
    • Automatic control of frost protection.
    • The air filter class F7 for the supply air. Particularly suitable for people with allergies or for areas with polluted air.
    • Supply and exhaust air ducts are required.
    • The mounting position of the device (left or right) varies.

    Regulatory functions

    • Automatic tracking of the level of carbon dioxide
    • Manual control
    • Flow control (5, 10, 20 m3 / hr)
    • Pause
    • Turbo mode
    • Airing in the summer night mode (fresh air).

    CWL-D-150 with fastening on the left, with wall mounting plate and the sample mount including PVC pipe DN 100 (2 pcs., 500 mm.) To enter through the wall and the ventilation rectangular grille (2 pcs., white).


    • Filter Kit (for supply and exhaust air).
    • Ventilation rectangular lattice (2 pcs., Brown color).
    • Conversion kit for mounting plate for mounting on the right.




    The room supply and exhaust air handling unit WOLF CWL in Ukraine

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