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Compact air handling unit WOLF CKL

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    Air handling unit WOLF CKL
    Application area.

    Compact unit with heat recovery are designed for controlled ventilation of modern buildings. The requirements for energy conservation and sanitation of air in buildings have also led to an increase in the technical and hygienic requirements for ventilation units. CKL Compact units with heat recovery is fed into the filtered outside air into the room adequate, gradually entering, adjustable volume. At the same time removes the corresponding volume of used room air to the high concentration of C02 and allocating it as exhaust air. On this basis also effectively removed other harmful substances such as odor, fine dust, moisture and the like. D. Heat recovery is performed using aluminum countercurrent plate heat exchanger (PHE) with an efficiency of up to 90%. Thus significantly reduces the consumption of primary energy heating system. High energy efficiency is also due to the favorable value of SFP (specific fan power).

    Combined installation ventilation of the compact design with built-in heat recovery at the expense of high-performance countercurrent plate heat exchanger from corrosion
    aluminum alloy. The compact dimensions of the device (see. Table "device program") to 3000 m3 / h with available external pressure to 350 Pa. Installation ready for connection and mounted for a quick simple commissioning. Main switch for maximum safety when working on the maintenance and repair. Built-in cabinet for the regulation and control elements. The management body is also applicable as a remote control. The fans are designed as free wheel with infinitely variable through the EU machinery. Option embedded in the installation of the heater. Cooler as possible in the series-connected heat exchanger.



    Assembled and electrically mounted at the plant controlled by a microprocessor control with a switch on the installation of controls and regulates the fans, heat recovery, the temperature, volumetric flow, duration of work and a lot of internal functions such as signal-alarm.


    • Compact stable housing. Internal installation is performed with legs (adjustable in height up to 30 mm).
    • Outdoor installation is performed with a rotating base frame (height 300 mm).
    • The design of the double-walled casing of sheet steel RAL 9016 powder-coated white with the usual laid between the walls of thermal insulation 50 mm thick. Optimum sound and heat insulation made of mineral wool, building material class A1, non-flammable according to DIN 4102. Inspection doors along the entire length of service units provide optimum access to the integrated parts.
    • Highly efficient fans freewheel-suction directly connected to the contactless DC motor with electronic switch with low power consumption, continuously regulated (0 to 10). Compact unit "motor-fan" works in all modes. The combination of the fan and motor with very low noise.
    • Heat recovery via high performance countercurrent plate heat exchanger (PHE). Heat exchanger made of high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum. Very low air resistance. Reverse heat value 90% or higher. Installation is equipped with a built-in bypass from the air Due to this possible summer night cooling by recirculation of 100%.
    • Easily exchangeable cassette filters. Supply air: Class F7 (fine filter and dust filter) Exhaust air class F5 (fine filter)
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