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Household humidifiers

         The principle of operation of electrode humidifiers ComfortSteam (Italy)

         Principle of generation of steam humidifier ComfortSteam - based on the conductivity of potable water and with electrodes embedded therein, which water is brought to the boil and steam is generated thereby. Electricity is generated between the electrodes immersed in the respective cylinder, which heats the water to a boil. Current intensity (expressed in amperes) varies depending on the amount of water in the cylinder which is in contact with the electrodes. Electronics humidifier through an amperometric transformer, controls the water level in the cylinder to raise the water level of the exhaust valve opens to lower the water level - includes a drain pump. The system is fully automatic. The combined use of the humidity sensor and the microprocessor enables the functionality to set the proportional, water and energy optimization depending on the desired moisture level. In addition to ensuring the operation at the time of withdrawal of steam, sump pump ensures complete emptying of the cylinder when not in use for a specified time, it prevents the formation and storage of scale or other particles created during the boiling process. Humidifiers ComfortSteam Ukraine, fully automatic and require only replacement of the cylinder when the electrodes are worn. The model below illustrates the principle of operation of the humidifier with immersed electrodes.

         What kind of water to use for humidifiers?

         For proper functioning of the electrode steam humidifier should receive potable running water from the tap, as it is devoid of harmful elements and corresponds to a range of conductivity required for optimum operation of the electrode humidifier. However, in some geographical areas drinking water is not suitable for optimum performance because of too low conductivity, stiffness or excessive aggressiveness. In such a situation it is necessary to lower the percentage of steam production. If you are using water with low conductivity, a special steam cylinder must be ordered to operate the steam humidifier.

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