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Articles - ventilation, air conditioning, heating, humidification, dehumidification

  • Production of ventilation grilles
    Today there are many kinds of ventilation grilles. The basic material for their manufacture is plastic. Plastic grilles are made by injection davleniem.Protsess manufacturing ventilation grilles it consists of several stages ...
  • Cinema Ventilation
    ventilation problems in the cinema most often solved by means of air handling systems. The air handling unit can serve several small rooms. Separate system ventilation and air conditioning ...
  • Ventilation store non-food items
    The guarantee of good health personnel is to create optimal microclimate conditions. Placing shops are equipped with systems conditioning and ventilation with positive motivation. supply air volume being transported by ventilation, should be compensated by handling units.
  • Garage Ventilation
    Providing a favorable environment for the maintenance of the car is not possible without ventilation, which will provide the necessary humidity, air circulation and elimination of contaminants.
  • Input and extract ventilation cottage
    Air Handling home ventilation system is based on the exploitation of air currents which are directed towards each other. Such a system is performed using independent inflow and exhaust systems, or installing comprehensive system ...
  • Ventilation boiler
    The boiler room ventilation and maintenance of the microclimate in the boiler room, according to building codes, is a basic requirement. It should provide for the ventilation system, the main function of which is to provide air ...
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