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Articles - ventilation, air conditioning, heating, humidification, dehumidification

  • Ventilation grocery store
    Ventilation grocery store. Magaziny Ventilation - a retail space, in which a large number of people may have called for a day. Therefore, comfort necessary to organize such a ventilation system that can support the required parameters of indoor air.
  • Ventilation of residential buildings
    Ventilation of residential buildings should provide necessary quantities of fresh air and removal of contaminated and heated. That is the design of the ventilation system achieved the required ventilation, set standards, or certain convenience. In residential buildings, as a rule, used natural ventilation ...
  • General exchange ventilation
    General ventilation. Splitting the service area - one of the main features ventilation classification types. On this basis distinguish partial (local) and the general exchange ventilyatsiyu.Obscheobmennaya ventilation is the ventilation at a relatively low speed, which is designed to ensure proper ventilation and support the required parameters of the internal atmosphere in the room.
  • Natural ventilation
    Natural ventilation is the most common ventilation system in the world. It is carried out without the use of any electrical equipment, and there is only due to natural factors, ie by backwater wind, pressure drop, depending on the height of the building, as well as on the difference between the density and the temperature outside and inside air.
  • Air conditioning
    Air conditioning. All air conditioners are divided into: household and industrial. The main difference between them - it is their moschnost.Bytovye conditioners are low power and are used in residential areas and in areas with a small area. Industrial air conditioners have a lot of power and are used ...
  • Fancoils
    Fan coils (fan coil) - an element of the air conditioning system, which is most often used in the system "chiller-fan coil" and is set in its service area. It is a heat exchanger, is additionally equipped with a fan. It can be used for heating ...
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