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Articles - ventilation, air conditioning, heating, humidification, dehumidification

  • Ventilation restaurant
    One solution to the problem is the air handling system. Such venting systems have a compact size, quiet, have high energy-saving performance, operating in automatic mode.
  • Ventilation private house
    With a view to a comfortable human existence is most appropriate natural air circulation, but in some cases can not be limited solely to the natural and necessary to apply mechanical.
  • Ventilation pool
    Ventilation pool. The main problem for rooms with pool stands high humidity, which leads to water condensation on cold surfaces, mold and corrosion metallov.Dlya solve this problem best supply and exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery.
  • Ventilation grocery store
    Ventilation grocery store. Magaziny Ventilation - a retail space, in which a large number of people may have called for a day. Therefore, comfort necessary to organize such a ventilation system that can support the required parameters of indoor air.
  • Ventilation of residential buildings
    Ventilation of residential buildings should provide necessary quantities of fresh air and removal of contaminated and heated. That is the design of the ventilation system achieved the required ventilation, set standards, or certain convenience. In residential buildings, as a rule, used natural ventilation ...
  • General exchange ventilation
    General ventilation. Splitting the service area - one of the main features ventilation classification types. On this basis distinguish partial (local) and the general exchange ventilyatsiyu.Obscheobmennaya ventilation is the ventilation at a relatively low speed, which is designed to ensure proper ventilation and support the required parameters of the internal atmosphere in the room.
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