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Articles - ventilation, air conditioning, heating, humidification, dehumidification

  • Use of automation in the ventilation system
    The automation of all work processes is the result of the scientific development of mankind. In the ventilation, conditioning and heating of premises in the present time, the use of automation allows the systems to work smoothly and uninterruptedly. The use of automatics is necessary for controlling the airspace performance in order to control the use of electricity and to avoid accidents and fires.
  • Ventilation in the gym
    For effective training in a comfortable climate, it is necessary to provide sufficient fresh air without harm to the health. As in the process of exercises in humans, the burden on the cardiovascular system increases, the need for oxygen that is needed to saturate the cells of the body increases.
  • Use of filters in exhaust systems of the kitchen
    We all know that the cleanliness of the air in the kitchen depends on the comfort and comfort in the apartment or home. It is therefore very important to neutralize the unpleasant aromas and odors, various isparenii.Teselesobraznost use of exhaust systems in the kitchen is fully justified and to improve the operation of the kitchen hood, it is necessary to apply a filter to improve the effect of air purification and the feeling of comfort of the climate of the room.
  • Vent system for hookah
    When planning the opening of a restaurant business with hookah, it is necessary first of all to think about qualitative ventilation, instead of looking for the perfect design solution. Because the success of this activity depends on the comfort of staying in the smoky room without detriment to the health of the client. Qualitative ventilation should provide a constant flow of fresh air and bring out recycled. Without taking into account this factor, no designer expensive repairs will be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the client.
  • Wall fan coil
    Fancoil is an element of the air conditioning system, it is commonly used in the "chiller-fancoil" system and is mounted in the service room. In essence, it is a heat exchanger equipped with a fan. It can either heat up or cool the air, it depends on the temperature of the coolant brought to the heat exchanger.
  • Fancoils are universal
    Universal fancoils are intended for use in premises of various purposes, be it residential, office, commercial or other premises. Fancoils are elements of the air conditioning system, they are commonly used in the chiller-fancoil system and are mounted in the service room.
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