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Complex services for air heating systems

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     Our group has been developing projects, installation, service and repair of air heating systems for various buildings turnkey - from residential apartments to large enterprises in Kharkov, and throughout Ukraine.
     Also, our services include the supply of various equipment for air heating systems - is an air heating units (heaters), fan coils, fans, heaters (water and electric) and other components of air heating systems, including ducts, pipes and fittings, for mixing units, filters, insulation, drainage equipment, brackets, fasteners, valves, etc. The company takes full warranty on the set and put our equipment.
     We also provide services for the production of stainless and galvanized steel products: round and rectangular ducts, fittings, valves, and the desired size for different purposes.

Service air heating, we perform:

  •     preliminary site visits;
  •     consideration of the terms of reference received from the customer;
  •     feasibility study solutions for air heating system;
  •     determining an estimated cost;
  •     preparation and coordination of project documentation;
  •     preparation of the project budget;
  •     delivery of the necessary equipment and accessories air heating system;
  •     system installation;
  •     commissioning.

Types of air heating systems, for which we can provide the services:

  •     central air heating;
  •     decentralized air heating;
  •     recirculating air heating system;
  •     air heating system with partial fresh air;
  •     intake system.

Our company has an impressive experience with such objects:

  •     industrial buildings of various types;
  •     food industry;
  •     apartments and cottages;
  •     educational institutions;
  •     health institutions;
  •     gyms and gyms;
  •     swimming pools;
  •     clean rooms;
  •     compressor;
  •     trading rooms;
  •     theaters, assembly halls;
  •     catering facilities (canteens, restaurants, cafes);
  •     administrative purpose of the building;
  •     car dealerships and service stations;
  •     multi-family buildings, etc.

     Normative documents recommend the use of air heating systems for buildings with high-volume facilities. Although this does not mean that the air heating system should not be used for heating houses, small public and industrial premises.

The main advantages of air heating systems are:
     - the ability to direct the heat flow in a given room area;
     - low inertia;
     - the absence of radiators, convectors and other heating appliances in the room to be ventilated;
     - the possibility, in addition to the space heating, to produce clean air via filters.

     As well as air conditioning systems, drying or humidifying air heating systems can be centralized and decentralized. The difference between centralized and decentralized air heating systems is the location of the heater.
     In centralized systems, the heater is located in a separate room, and hot air in a heated room is supplied through a duct system. An example of this system is the hot-air heating system, combined with fresh air ventilation.
     The decentralized air heating system is characterized by the presence of local heaters located directly in the heated room, and the heating system, the coolant flow to the local heater. These systems include air heating system with hot-air heating units (heaters), fan coil units or the indoor unit operating in heat pump mode.
     Employees of the company "TEKO Ukraine" analyze what air heating system is the most efficient and economical in your specific conditions. And, together with its partners, will perform all design drawings, delivers all necessary equipment and carry out the installation of air heating system in the facility.


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