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Air adjustment device

    AIR VALVE - air network element, for adjusting the air flow in the "open / closed" (shut-off valves) or modulating (control valves) with a controlled level of air leakage in the closed state for a specified value the maximum operating pressure in the network.
    VALVES GENERAL PERFORMANCE - designed to address the vast majority of them do not have the problems of civil construction, no special characteristics and should not be used in the field of industrial equipment properties.
    VALVES Special versions - designed to address highly specialized industrial design and construction tasks, such valves in their own designs have a reserve to compensate for their specific purpose, and thus have a lot more advantages over their standard agents, designed for the general conditions of use.
    CHECK VALVE - designed to prevent changes in the flow direction (reverse flow) of air-gas environment in the ventilation system, acting at the same time automatically by gravity.
    CONTROL VALVES - designed to regulate gazoparovozdushnogo flow parameters in the working air network by changing its flow rate and controlled by an external force from the electric or manual drive.
    SHUT-OFF VALVE - designed to overlap workflow in ventilation networks and prevent it from entering the occupied zone, controlled by a valve external force from the electric or manual drive.
    OVERPRESSURE VALVE - designed to automatically reset the excess fluid from the vaporous service area to restore the inside pressure normalized and controlled automatically by the efforts of overpressure.

    The criterion of effective choice

    The main criterion for selection of a damper indicator volume leak in the closed position when a predetermined pressure difference by offering its own classification leakage volume coincides with classification EN 1751 «Ventilation for buildings - Air terminal devices - Aerodynamic testing of dampers and valves».
    The use of the newly introduced option of quality have greatly simplify the classification of the valve in its functionality, making a clear assessment of the opportunities and manufacturer of the proposed equipment. After all, the amount of air leakage through the closed valve can uniquely identify:
    ● feasibility and effectiveness of measures to eliminate the pressure loss in the ventilation system;
    ● how the valve will prevent uncontrolled heat loss from the room due to the natural drop of air pressure at different temperatures at the "street / space";
    ● how effective ventilation network and the equipment used therein;
    ● What is the utility of the use of the valve in terms of saving of heat and electrical energy used at the network service;
    ● how much really allow one or the other valve to protect the network and used it equipment from thawing in the winter;
    ● how effective is the use of reverse (or so-called daisy) or actuating the shutoff valve to prevent reverse flow of air through the fan and to protect it from natural unwinding wheel in the opposite direction, which is quite critical, provided it possible to start the automatic mode.

    The unit of measurement of leakage volume is adopted - l/s*m2. The torque acting on the valve actuator, as well as the equipment installed on the valve actuators, deliberately calculated to conditions when the valve is working directly (opened or closed, provides flow control) at the given maximum pressure. Determines the index is the actual volume of air passing through the closed valve or damper.

    Thus, any air valve that does not have the characteristics of equity in the normalized volume of leakage can not be a full-purpose product and carries a hidden danger emergency.

    However, in consideration of the issues of quality indicators, no less important is the accuracy of the information provided by the manufacturer of the valve leakage volume in the closed state.

    The only possible by obtaining verified data are test valve.

    For testing needs properly equipped test bench with the document of verification and certification.

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