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Servicing air heating systems

цена от1000грн

Срок исполнения: from 5 days

Our company has an impressive experience in services and air heating systems. For all the time, our specialists at the appropriate level have mastered all the nuances of the work in this area. We monitor the quality and terms of service work in accordance with agreements with customers and, if necessary, to quickly respond to all urgent requests.
We employ highly experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge in the field of maintenance and servicing of heating equipment, so you can be assured of professional support, we will render you with the adjustment of the air heating systems.
Our service air heating systems include:

  • check and inspection;
  • pipeline cleaning;
  • cleaning fan coil;
  • cleaning filters and of mud;
  • check pumps;
  • check stop valve;
  • restoration of thermal insulation;
  • Control of reliability of fastening ducts;
  • checking and balancing of the system;
  • measured operating parameters of the air heating system.

For any questions regarding the service of air heating systems, please call: (057) 752-60-14.

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